The Harrells: Humans, Hounds, Horses

Map to Troy and Cyndi's House

Google online map or recommended route below. Careful, many GPS's don't show Camino Del Sol at Los Gatos Blvd as a one-way -- must enter via Lester Lane as described below (or risk a one-way ticket)
map to Harrells

From 17:

Exit Lark, turn east
Right at stoplight (Los Gatos Blvd)
Left at 1st stoplight (Gateway)
Left at end of street (Carlton)
Left on 3rd street (Lester)

From 85:

Exit Bascom/Los Gatos, turn south
Left at stoplight (Samaritan)
Right at 1st street (National)
Right at stop sign (Carlton)
Right on 1st street (Lester)

Right at end of Lester (Camino Del Sol)
Half way down the street on the right, taupe house with white trim
16184 Camino Del Sol, Los Gatos, CA 95032