The Harrells: Humans, Hounds, Horses

Map to Troy and Cyndi's Jackson Property

Google online map or recommended route below. Note that cell service is usually limited in the area so don't depend on it for navigation!

From the Bay Area or other southern locations, take 680 to 580 east (becomes 205) to 5 north to Stockton. Go east on 4 for about a mile, then continue north on 99. After about a mile on 99, take the 88 exit. Follow the signs for 88 to Jackson including left turn after Clements (directions continued at Jackson below)

From Sacramento, head south on Sunrise, Watt, Fair Oaks or other major road to Jackson Rd / Hwy 16. Turn left and go east for about 25 miles. Take 49S turn to right for 10 miles (directions continued at Jackson below).

From downtown Jackson on 49/88, turn left at the 2nd downtown stop light and head east on 88 towards Kirkwood for about 6.2 miles. Go past West Clinton Rd and turn right on Clinton / Irishtown (just past the 2000 ft elevation sign). Continue on Clinton Road for about a mile, then turn left on East Clinton Rd at the bend. Follow for another mile then look for the 3rd driveway on the left as you come down the hill. If you reach Tabeaud Road, you've gone too far. Turn left onto our driveway at the "Harrell's 20063" sign and follow for about 0.4 miles through the gate to the top of our hill.