2 years old, neutered male,
Siberian Husky mix, blue eyes, 67 lbs

Take a look into Magnus’ big beautiful blue eyes and they’ll melt your heart. In addition to his stunning eyes, Magnus has lots of other Husky traits. Magnus LOVES to run and is poetry in motion when he does. He needs an active family who will give him lots of exercise. He would make a great running partner or hiking companion. You can bike, rollerblade, or add a backpack on him to give him the workout his breed needs. Or maybe even try carting or sledding! He is happiest when he’s with his pack and does best with a confident leader of the pack. He wants to be with his people (he has had too many stressful changes in his young life since being found as a stray), and really enjoys playing with other dogs including one of his foster "sisters" (see the video of him playing chase and wrestle). He has respectful manners with other dogs, though enjoys rough housing with big dogs best. His other foster "sister" is a senior Lab and he gently licks her muzzle. He can forget his size/strength with his youthful exuberance, so he’s best suited for an adult household. Magnus is a handsome dog with expressive ears that are sometimes upright or with the right tip bent over. His tail is expressive too and will curl up in play or relax down to its white tip.

After his exercise, Magnus is a cuddlebug. He’ll likes to lie down near his people or even curl up on your lap if given the chance. He has soft thick fur that is oh-so-pettable, and he will thank you for your attention with gentle kisses. He loves his cuddles and belly rubs, and is very good about being touched anywhere on his body which makes grooming very easy. Magnus enjoys playing with lots of toys though big bones are his favorite. Be sure to have an assortment on hand to win this boy’s heart! He loves to play with his people too and will run after any toy you throw. Bringing it back is his way to start his favorite game… keep away! His foster parents are working on this though he is certain they want to run after him. He thinks cats and squirrels are play toys too, so best to not have those in your home. After a day of fun, Magnus will sleep quietly through the night by your bedside on a dog bed or in a wire crate.

Magnus is housebroken and has developed good house manners thanks to foster care. He was probably allowed on the furniture as a puppy and may test a new owner by sneaking up on the couch/bed when you’re not looking. With a leader who provides clear and consistent boundaries, he should quickly learn the household rules. He is a young dog who may test the rules but has not been a problem with his experienced foster parents. He respectfully leaves their clothes/shoes/belongings alone when given doggie toys to play with instead. Magnus is doing well on his leash work. He may pull when excited (like passing other dogs who he really wants to play with) but settles nicely into your walking or running rhythm. He knows sit and shake, and is learning the other basic commands. Magnus’ new owners should be committed to his training to help him become the obedient pack member he truly wants to be!

If Magnus sounds like the type of dog you’ve been looking for, please contact Casaundra Cruz at 408-262-2133 ext. 183. HSSV donors have generously sponsored his adoption fee so the usual $175 can be applied to a training class instead. We will be updating this webpage with more info about Magnus as we learn more about him in his foster home.

Fostered 10/7/2011 - 10/23/2011