5 years old, neutered male,
Yellow Labrador Retriever mix, 85 lbs

Hi, I’m Mac (aka MacAbee, Big Mac, Mac Attack, Mac Truck, ...)!  I’m a big boy who would rather spend my time cuddling and being a couch potato instead of running around.  And I'm oh-so-pettable with my thick, soft, beautiful coat and lap-dog attitude! They say I’m a mellow guy with a terrific personality who gets along great with kids, adults and dogs. I came in as a stray so HSSV doesn’t know my background, though I have nice manners gently taking treats and not jumping on people (that would take too much effort!).   My foster family has been delighted with my house manners and think I was probably an indoor dog in my earlier life since I’m housebroken, crate trained, don’t jump up on furniture or counters, and even use the doggie door. I'm great in cars as well and settle quietly for the ride.

I love walks which is a good thing since I need to lose some pounds, and am getting lots of practice now and want to continue with my new family.  A gentle leader or no-pull harness type of equipment will help since I’m a big boy who isn’t use to a lot of walking exercise.  Toys are fun but I’m not the type of Lab who is obsessed with fetching toys and tearing them up like my 2 foster sister Labs are (I just don’t understand them since it’s much better to hang with the people than run back and forth!).  In fact, I’m very well behaved and haven’t chewed on anything I’m not supposed to and only chewed on their bones and stuffed toys for a few minutes.

My ideal family is one with another dog or people who are around most of the day. Kids would be great since I'm such an easy going boy who can be touched/hugged anywhere as kids like to do (see how good I am with this in my video).  I’d also be a perfect take-your-dog-to-work type of guy since nothing makes me happier than following my people around and then curling up at their feet to nap.  I get a bit anxious when left by myself since I’m still a bit upset about being unclaimed in the shelter and left in a scary kennel all by myself.  My foster parents say I’m adjusting and should be fine once I’m settled into a family who will be with me forever.

If you would like schedule a visit to meet me, please contact Casaundra Cruz at 408-262-2133 ext. 183.

Adopted by Mike and Hazel -- congratulations! Photos / video include the foster's female Labs: 4 yr old yellow and 12 yr old black. Both of the females are small Labs at only 55 lbs.

Fostered 11/11/2011 - 11/17/20 (and lost weight from 88.6 to 85.2 lbs).