JUNIOR - adopted on 8/13/11!
3 years old, neutered male,
Border Collie mix, 55 lbs

Are you looking for an athletic companion to keep up with your active lifestyle? Then read more about Junior! This boy is so much fun to play fetch with and take hiking, running, bike riding, camping, etc. And when you get back home, he’ll curl up quietly at your feet keeping you company until your next outing. Perhaps you’ve wanted to try agility or frisbee dog sports? Junior has potential to do well in these types of activities, given his Border Collie breed that does best when dogs have a job to do. He is very smart and a quick learner who is very motivated to please his people along with his desire to play (he’s very fond of treats as well which he takes gently). He learned how to run alongside a bike within minutes and the YouTube video below shows his first 2 passes down the street.

Junior is a very sweet and happy dog who bonds quickly with his people, and shows lots of love with gentle kisses, cuddles, and lots of tail wags. He loves being pet all over and will happily turn belly-up for a rub. He is quite handsome with “tuxedo” coloring plus an unknown mix giving him long legs and lean body that make him absolutely beautiful to watch running and jumping to catch a frisbee. Junior's short black coat is easy maintenance, and he's a gentleman at bath and grooming time. He was kept outside by his former owner who abandoned him, but Junior has demonstrated nice indoor house manners since moving to a foster home. He’s still in learning mode but hasn’t had an accident or marked in the house, and respectfully leaves people clothes/shoes/belongings alone when given doggie toys to play with instead. And he LOVES playing with his toys! Junior will pick up a new toy and mouth it until finding the squeaker then squeak away with a look of bliss on his face. He will often tear apart a soft toy so harder rubber toys work best when he’s unsupervised. After a day of fun, Junior will sleep quietly through the night by your bedside on a dog bed or in a wire crate.

Though he quickly learned all the basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, and come, he still needs to have his training continued so he can be a model canine citizen. He is easily distracted by small critters like birds and squirrels that he really wants to chase, so is looking for a cat-free home. When starting on a walk, Junior gets a bit excited and does best with an easy walk harness or gentle leader though he walks loose-leash after settling into a walk rhythm. Junior would do best with a dog-experienced family since he’s a bit too enthusiastic when initially meeting other dogs and is learning proper canine etiquette with his foster "sisters" (2 other big dogs). He really wants to do the right thing, so just needs a leader to show him what that is. Junior is certain to be a delightful companion for an active person, and is just waiting for someone who wants to teach him more tricks and games to play during a wonderful lifetime together.

If Junior sounds like the type of dog you’ve been looking for, please contact Casaundra Cruz at 408-262-2133 ext. 183. Junior will be at the HSSV Adoption Fairs with his foster mom, Cyndi, on 8/13/11 and 8/27/11 (if he isn’t already adopted!) so come meet this special boy in person. We will be updating this webpage with more info about Junior as we learn more about him in his foster home (e.g. looking forward to trying him swimming soon!)